Our entire collection of Wine Cellars

    At Magnum Cellars, all our wine cellars have been designed for long-term wine conservation by offering the best conditions for your bottles. Our cellars encompass all the desired features of a high end wine cellar. They are reliable, quiet, adapt to all bottle sizes and offer the best components on the market. The temperature is monitored by a precision probe and a digital control, ensuring consistent temperature necessary for proper aging. The internal maximization of the humidity will also provide the ideal preservation conditions for your prized collection.

    For the enthusiast who wishes a built-in fit, our wine cellars are equipped with an intake vent located in the front of each unit. The vent is covered with a decorative mesh grille that fits perfectly with the unit, allowing it to be recessed without affecting performance or life span.

    Every detail has been meticulously considered to offer you the tranquility and peace of mind while your bottles mature

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