Pro Series – 181 bottles, 2 zones stainless steel frame

    Number of zones: 2
    Maximum number of bottles: 181
    Bottle layout in cellar: standard
    For built-in installation: yes

    $3 ,599.99


    Product Design

    • 2 temperature zones
    • For built-in or stand-alone installation
    • Front louver design
    • 14 pull-out shelves (80% extendable)
    • Reversible door
    • Digital display
    • Stainless steel frame and handle
    • Tempered smoked glass door
    • LED lights

    Product Settings

    • Power on/off
    • Automatic control panel lock
    • Upper zone temperature setting 5 °C to 12 °C (41 °F to 54 °F)
    • Lower zone temperature setting 12 °C to 22 °C (54 °F to 72 °F)
    • Celsius or Fahrenheit display

    Product Features

    • Low vibration
    • Embraco extra-silent compressor (40 dB)
    • Up to 80% humidity level
    • Automatic defrost
    • Built-in lock
    • Ecofriendly: CFC and HCFC free
    Width: 25,8 in / 65,5 cm
    Depth: 26,77 in / 68 cm
    Height: 72,24 in / 183,5 cm

     Product's technical file


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      Highly efficient, simple and effective, this cellar can accommodate all 750 ml bottle sizes and will match the style of any decor. Comprised of an air intake at the front of the device, this unit can be built-in without affecting its performance or life span. With its glass door, air vent and stainless-steel frame and handle, we have overlooked no detail to give this cellar an incomparable allure.

    The two distinct temperature zones can be controlled independently by means of a digital control, allowing to facilitate your wine service by keeping bottles at their optimal service temperature. Thus your white wines can be placed in the upper section of the cellar at a cooler temperature and your red wines in the lower section at a higher temperature of a few degrees. The temperature is monitored by two precision probes ensuring consistent temperature necessary for proper aging. The internal maximization of the humidity will also provide the ideal preservation of your prized collection which will allow your bottles to mature while giving you complete peace of mind.
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