What is the difference between a refrigerator and a wine cellar?


    For those who have read the article “In what is a wine cellar essential for the good preservation of your wine bottles”, here is another way to demystify the preservation of wine. This article defines a few characteristics of regular refrigerators versus those of a true wine cellar.

    We all know that there are on the market certain refrigerators that have similar characteristics as those of a wine cellar, yet at lower prices; however, they don’t offer the same preservation conditions for your wine bottles.

    Firstly, let us mention temperature stability. A refrigerator will generally provide cooling options that vary between 1 and 7.7, being the coldest temperature, compared to the wine cellar where the temperature is numerically controlled to the nearest degree. The operating cycles are also much faster in a cellar to secure a lower temperature variation. A refrigerator has the capacity to freeze, which is not the case with a wine cellar, except for a rare unusual deficiency.

    Furthermore, all standard refrigeration systems will dry the air while cooling. The wine cellar, on the contrary, will keep its humidity by vaporizing water condensates in the unit to optimize the humidity level. This characteristic will ensure paramount conditions for the preservation of your wine bottles. The shelves in a wine cellar are also designed to maximize the space and facilitate the positioning of the wine bottles, which is not always the case with a refrigerator.

    Ultimately, a refrigerator is very useful to cool your white wines and Champagnes just before serving! Cheers!

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