In what is a wine cellar essential for the good preservation of your wine bottles?


    Many people wonder why a wine cellar is essential for the preservation of their wine bottles. The preservation of wine is not a perfect science because many interdependent factors influence this one. However, there are fundamental principles that must be taken into account.

    For optimal preservation of wine bottles, we must eliminate or reduce the irritating factors and obstructions for maturation. Obviously, it is impossible to guarantee that a bottle will have no imperfections; we can however, try to eliminate aggravating factors. Thus, starting with the concept that temperature variations are an obstacle to optimal maturing of the wine, we will choose a wine cellar (or location) that will offer thermal stability, preferably between 12 °C and 14 °C.

    Moreover, the oxidation of wine being harmful to its maturation, we will opt for a wine cellar that will maximize humidity, allowing thereby the cork to remain tightly fitted to the neck of the bottle. When the cork is dry and the air can then get in contact with the wine, there is a risk that the wine will be “corked”.

    Regarding vibrations and odors, we will go for a wine cellar that we can perfectly level and rely on the compressor’s insulation for a vibration free unit.  A ventilator permitting air circulation will also prevent the air to stagnate and develop mold.

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